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Viability by Mind Map: Viability

1. 3. Competition

1.1. Do competing supermarkets offer such a service

1.1.1. Yes How have they implemented this? Test process

1.1.2. No Any plans to do so?

2. 5. Ability to deliver

2.1. Regulatory

2.1.1. Do we need gambling licence?

2.1.2. Can we sell tickets via self-serve kiosks?

2.2. Hardware

2.2.1. Can existing self-serve kiosks deliver needed feature

2.2.2. Do all stores currently have self-serve kiosks

2.3. Resource

2.3.1. Do we have the suitable skills in-house to develop needed features

2.3.2. Do we need to partner with 3rd parties Lottery organiser self-serve kiosk manufacturers

3. 1. Knowledge building on Self-serve kiosks

3.1. Business Objectives

3.1.1. What are the business goals an objectives relating to the development, deployment and enhancement of self-serve kiosks in supermarkets

3.1.2. Does this initiative fit with such goals and objectives

3.2. Speak to manufacturers

3.2.1. How hard is it to add feature and customise the UI/UX

3.2.2. Can the receipt printing hardware be modified for lottery ticket printing

3.2.3. Do they have plans to develop lottery ticket sales feature

3.3. Observe self-serve users

3.3.1. Are they requesting staff get lottery tickets after using self service kiosks

3.4. Speak to customers

3.4.1. Self-serve users Would they buy lottery tickets via self-serve kiosks Yes - Why? No - Why? What do they like about self-serve?

3.4.2. non-users of self-serve kiosks who bought  tickets Would you use self service kiosks if you could by lottery tickets?

3.4.3. How do they think lottery ticket purchasing process could be improved

3.5. Speak to current staff

3.5.1. What are the current issues with self-serve kiosks

3.5.2. Do you think lottery ticket sales would increase if customers could buy them via self-serve kiosks Yes - Why No - Why

3.5.3. How much time do you currently spend processing lottery ticket sales or other lottery based processes e.g. prize payments (daily)

4. 2. Knowledge building on lottery ticket purchase methods

4.1. What existing methods of purchase exist and what are their trends

4.1.1. Checkout operative Pros Cons Trending up/down?

4.1.2. Website purchase Pros Cons Trending up/down?

4.1.3. App purchase Pros Cons Trending up/down?

4.2. Speak to lottery organisers

4.2.1. What are their future plans for selling tickets

5. 6. Value Proposition development

5.1. For: Customers Who: wish to purchase lottery tickets The: Self-serve kiosk lottery ticket purchase process Offers: a way purchasing lottery tickets that is integrated into general self service checkout process That: reduces the need to re-queue Unlike: buying lottery tickets over the counter The self service kiosk: allows for quicker purchase and payment of lottery tickets

5.2. For: Checkout staff The: Self-serve kiosk lottery ticket purchase process Removes: the need to manually process lottery ticket purchase, freeing up resource to process more manual checkouts Unlike: buying lottery tickets over the counter The self service kiosk: requires minimal human intervention to process lottery ticket sales

6. 4. Commercial Analysis

6.1. Current Lottery ticket sales revenue by:

6.1.1. Store

6.1.2. Region

6.2. What uplift in lottery ticket sales could be achieved by introducing self-service kiosk purchases