The National Party of South Africa (1948)

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The National Party of South Africa (1948) by Mind Map: The National Party of South Africa (1948)

1. Who Are They?

1.1. National Party of South Africa is a political party that has its ideology present since 1914. The party usurps the Commonwealth after the majority of the Dutch population takes power after the events of the Second World War. This political party is infamous for their creation of their racial segregation motives on separating the whites (the foreigners) and the native blacks (indigenous South Africans) from normal human rights. The White became more supreme while the indigenous Africans along with the Colored, and Asians are considered inferior and given little to no humanity from the way they live.

2. How did they managed to win the election?

2.1. The National Party of South Africa usurps power after the British Empire disbanded in 1948, against the opposing United Party. The National Party of South Africa already took power in 1924, and then afterwards in 1948, after their ideologies convinced the minority white population to stay. Meaning that they would remain leaders, or else they would not be present in South Africa. The National Party afterwards won and Apartheid was formed. The election was criticized to be twisted since the United Party gained more voters in 51% and the National Party stood on 49%. However NP won due to having 9 more seats from UN's 70 seats.

3. Their Leaders

3.1. The National Party of South Africa was first founded under the leadership of J.B.M Hertzog, who was highly nationalistic and proved to be higher than English native speakers. He is then succeeded by Daniel F. Malan, Johannes G.S, Henderik Frensch, John Vorster, P.W. Botha, and lastly F.W. Klerk. F.W. Klerk however, was despite being the final leader, destroys the entire Apartheid law in 1990 and openly re-written its laws of rights to the indigenous black people.

4. Negative Impact for Non Europeans

4.1. The era of Apartheid was hellish, and turned cruel from a Non European side, meaning that even foreign ethnicity are given little to no option of human rights. The Whites were given proper humanitarian lifestyle while the indigenous, "Colored" and Asians were not allowed to go to proper schools and had to live in homelands or reservations for the course of 40 years. Many riots and revolutions broke out, only for the indigenous and other races to be overpowered by the White's ignorance.