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To Do List by Mind Map: To Do List
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To Do List


Check On And Pay Off Car Loan

Check On Car Insurance Alternatives

Reduce Unecessary Spending (Booze, Cigarettes)

Open Savings Account (Consider CD's,etc.)


Quit Smoking

Go To The Gym 5 Days A Week (1 hr)

Lose 40 lbs.

Buy A Bicyle/Bike To Work

Drink Water (No HFCS)

Reduce Coffee Intake (2-3 cups per day)

Find a Dentist (Set Appt.)


Put Together A Demo Reel

Consider Career Options

Apply For Every Opportunity

Polish Resume/Cover Letter

Consider Blog Direction

Purchase A Higher End HD CAM

Finalize Current Edit Jobs

Read "Parachute"

General Upkeep

Clean Bedroom

Dispose of Unecessary Electronics

" " Unecessary Clothing Items

Consider Storage Units For Clothes/Items

Get Table Out Of Living Room Space

Clean Car

Oil Change

Get Sunroof Fixed/Shocks

Habits and Hobbies

Stop Watching Television

Buy Groceries From Farmer's Market

Only Use Reusable Cups (Coffee, etc.)


Always Be Reading A Book

Come Up With Video/Blog Project That Will Become A Daily Task

Do Something With T-Shirt Store or Drop It

Learn To Play Accordian

Work On My French

Work On

Scout Locations

Come Up With A Solid Schedule

Line Up Films/Directors


NetSol Videos

Enter Contests

Phil Shapiro Video

GETV Firefly Video

Cast/Crew Vid

Spaceship Building Vid