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CWI Learning Network by Mind Map: CWI Learning Network

1. Information Literacy Skills

1.1. Selection

1.1.1. Curated searches C.R.A.P. Test

1.2. Organization

1.2.1. Zotero Syncing across devices

1.2.2. Structured data

1.2.3. Unstructured Data Entity/Keyword extraction services

1.3. Retrieval

1.3.1. Available Web Content Static Content Invisible or Deep Web Clear Web Dynamic Content Transliteracy ("Branching") Literacy)

1.3.2. The Library(ies)

2. Constructionist literacy

2.1. Analytical Literacy

2.1.1. Univeral Standards of Thought

2.1.2. Reading Claim + Evidence Logical fallacies Tagging POV Bias Egocentric Thinking Argumentation Logos Pathos Ethos Accuracy Fact checking apps False news Balance

2.1.3. Writing Moodle Discussion Forums Glossary Wiki PLNs Mindmeister Zotero Reports Zotero Annotated Bibliographies

2.1.4. Class discussion Key Points & Evaluative Summaries

2.2. Cultural Literacy

2.2.1. CWI Collaborative LN

2.3. Reproduction (Remix) literacy

2.3.1. Participatory Citizenship literacy Elizabeth Problem Identification Austin Ask Questions Reach Out To Government Quality Non-Biased Officials Lonny Raise Money Share Truth Isaac Correct misinformation Get quality information Terra Raise Awareness To rightfully inform people on the truth of a certain matter John Kaci Forced Migrant Advocacy SRO

2.3.2. Google Drive Docs Sheets Forms

2.3.3. Wordpress publication Copyright awareness Documentation of sources

3. Media and Computer Literacy

3.1. Browsers

3.1.1. Firefox Plugin Installation Zotero Multi Links Plus Syncing passwords bookmarks Configuration Menu Toolbar Bookmarks Toolbar Default search engine selection

3.2. Personal Productivity Apps

3.2.1. MS Word

3.2.2. PowerPoint

3.2.3. Excel

3.3. Devices

3.3.1. Mobile

3.3.2. Tablets

3.3.3. Laptops

3.3.4. Desktops

3.4. Cloud Services

3.4.1. Dropbox Secure Password List

4. E-Safety literacy