Kaizen Yearly Report FY 2016

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Kaizen Yearly Report FY 2016 by Mind Map: Kaizen Yearly Report FY 2016

1. Kaizen Aspects

1.1. Pressure

1.1.1. Idea Raising by Group Affection More discussion, more communication What to discuss Where to make group? Increase award quality on Group achievement? Group Leader is a must but who? is it included team/sub? What to make an encouragingly competitive attitude among groups What to build up teamwork and union among members?

1.1.2. Target for each section Target Type Target for Total Quantity per month/quarter. Target for Kaizen Joining Ratio Affection Making each section more responsible More crucial in each section's priority. Co-working attitude raises accordingly How to Discuss to set target among sections

1.1.3. Condition for yearly Evaluation

1.1.4. Discussion at the beginning of shift working Who attends Among Team.LD/Sup/Managers and Worker? Affection Bring daily Awareness of Kaizen to each one Will have time to solve pending ideas, discuss new ideas. Build up connection among members. What to discuss How much time at least/day spending on this routine habit. Which content will be included?

1.1.5. Training/pushing action directly Who attends HR/production Affection Instructing attendants makes them gain skills on Kaizen System. Building a stronger knowledge foundation Proposing Kaizen idea will be more easier for workers. How to Raising a reasonable schedule/plan for training Summarize which general contents will be transferred. Only need a short time/day but keep it be constant and creative.

1.2. Stimulation

1.2.1. Gift/Award system Currently, no need to change

1.2.2. Kaizen Board Activity layout, formality. vietnamese content kaizen meeting result kaizen award result kaizen policy, award system kaizen certificate. Completed idea in summarized content Interview with all who have completed idea

1.2.3. Training/ Orientation Inside/outside training Outside training for Managers, inside training for teamsupworker Affection Kaizen Spirits need to be boomed and maintained constantly. Not only award but also what we will get (knowledge/experience/more respect/chance to promote) Concentrate on benefits to both workers and company. What to discuss Enthusiastic and educational training class to whole company. Schedule of kaizen training Combine with survey or comments sheets to get general information about awareness of staffs document for training INTERNAL EXTERNAL

1.2.4. Mindset Reminder at Production Area

1.3. Essential Factors having Affections

1.3.1. Kaizen Commitee Role Periodic Joining Ratio Important comments from Commitee It needs to be filled much more advices, more comments and more suggests. Affection:

1.3.2. Support Department Who Affection A majority of ideas depends on another section Pending ideas from time to time always unintentionally becomes:

1.3.3. Status influence Expire Push sections more quickly or unintentionally kick a idea out? Pending When we consider how seriously does the time affect. --> consider "Pending"

2. Policy

2.1. Kaizen Committee

2.1.1. Masahiko Jisai

2.1.2. Huynh Kinh Quoc

2.1.3. Truong Van Quoc

2.1.4. Le Duc Hung

2.1.5. Nguyen Trong Nghia

2.1.6. Nguyen Da Hiep

2.1.7. Uong Ngoc Loi

2.1.8. Tran Gia Khanh

2.1.9. Takashi Ujiie

2.1.10. Higuchi Hisashi

2.1.11. Yasuhisa Okamoto

2.1.12. Sutthi Anuwat

2.1.13. Le Thanh Huy

2.1.14. Le Trong Nghia

2.1.15. Onuma Tsuneya

2.2. Kaizen Procedure

3. Kaizen Overview

3.1. Total Ideas in FY 2016

3.2. Incompleted Idea

3.3. Completed Idea

3.4. Closed Idea

4. Kaizen Award

4.1. Winners

4.1.1. Monthly Award April May June July August September October November December January'17 February'17 March'17

4.1.2. Quarterly Award Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

4.1.3. Yearly Award ?

4.2. Voucher

4.2.1. Issued Voucher

4.2.2. Exchanged Voucher

5. Kaizen Efficiency

6. Kaizen Comment on Bad Aspects

6.1. The Quantity of Kaizen Ideas in FY2016 is lower than FY2015