Figuring Out My Goals

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Figuring Out My Goals by Mind Map: Figuring Out My Goals

1. Student goals

1.1. Better grades

1.2. Control over their life

1.3. Simplication

1.4. Less time spent on homework

1.5. Feeling supported but not "special"

2. Teacher goals

2.1. Fewer emotional outbursts and interruptions

2.2. Students able to keep up with lessons

3. Parent goals

3.1. Happier children

3.2. Feeling supported by the school

3.3. Help child be more efficient

4. Project goals

4.1. Communication between teachers parents and students

4.1.1. Section for contact info

4.1.2. Section for communication guidelines

4.1.3. App?

4.2. Better grades for ADHD students

4.2.1. Time management

4.2.2. Organization

4.2.3. Priorities

4.2.4. Goal setting

4.2.5. Happy

4.2.6. Awake

4.3. Better understanding of what it means to have ADHD

5. Tasks

5.1. Find out what parents want

5.2. Find out what students need

5.3. Find out biggest concerns from students

5.4. Figure out app integration