What is VUCA? by Mind Map: What is VUCA?
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What is VUCA?

Who is the learner?

Context: Who is the community of the learner?

New node

What is the REAL question?

What is the purpose

What is the context you are in?

What language is needed?


What stages does it hold? (different learning forms John Moravec)

Inwards Learning

What is the role of gentleness?


What makes it playful?, Art/Music/Dance

Outwards learning

What knowledge is needed?

What forms of learning are needed?

What is the frame?

What framing is needed to feed the purpose?

What is the influence of travelling?

What part is self-directed learning?

What tools for self-directed learning are there?

How can you frame a learning journey?


What is your role?

When do you guide? When do you let go?

What do you need?

Community of learners

How can the community of learners support each other?

How do others use Learning Journeys?

De Baak

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