Factor of Prodution

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Factor of Prodution by Mind Map: Factor of Prodution

1. Economics

1.1. The study of how people choose=เลือก to use what they want or need

1.1.1. Wants are things that people feel like to have.

1.1.2. Needs are things that people must have to live. Basic need of human = food,shelther,clothes,medicins

2. Production = การผลิต

2.1. Making of a small thing or a big thing

2.2. Also growing of small thing or big

2.3. The doing of an easy action or skilled.

2.4. Therefore the important things that people think about before doing the production are called factor of production.

3. Skill and Products

3.1. Product are things a person can make or grow.

3.2. Skill are action a person can do. ability to do something.

3.3. Skill or Product can be make money

3.4. Products = goods are thing that are produced or made they are two types of products.

3.4.1. Goods things made to sell for money and you can touched it.

3.4.2. Services are actions done=เสร็จ for money

4. Factor = ปัจจัย

4.1. Factor are the important things people think about when making a decision or doing something.