To Kill a Mockingbird (Chapter 1)

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To Kill a Mockingbird (Chapter 1) by Mind Map: To Kill a Mockingbird  (Chapter 1)

1. Characters

1.1. Jean Louise Finch

1.1.1. Narrator/Scout (Nickname)

1.2. Jem Finch

1.2.1. Scout's brother

1.3. Simon Finch

1.3.1. One of Scout's first ancestors

1.4. Atticus Finch

1.4.1. Scout's father

1.5. Jack Finch

1.5.1. Atticus's brother/Scout's uncle

1.6. Alexandra Finch

1.6.1. Atticus's sister/Scout's aunt

1.7. Calpurnia

1.7.1. The Finches' cook

1.8. Dill

1.8.1. Scout and Jem's friend

1.9. The Radleys

1.9.1. A family with a mysterious past and is rarely seen

1.10. Ms Rachel

1.10.1. Dilll's aunt

1.11. Stephanie Crawford

1.11.1. The neighbourhood scowl

1.12. Henry Lafayette Dubose

1.12.1. Scout's neighbour

2. Events

2.1. Jean Louise Finch

2.1.1. Scout starts to explain how her older brother, Jem, sustained a broken elbow many years earlier.

2.1.2. She begins talking about her family history. Simon Finch Simon Finch, the first of her ancestors to come to America was a fur-trader and apothecary who fled England to escape persecution. He then established a successful farm on the banks of the Alabama River. The Finchs' relied on the farm, Finch's landing, for many years. Atticus Finch Atticus went to Mongomery to read law. Jack Finch Jack went to Boston to study medicine. Alexandra Finch Alexandra remained at the Landing, marrying a taciturn man.

2.1.3. She talks about Maycomb, the town which her family lived and lives in. Maycomb was a tired old town. The streets turned to red slop in rainy weather. The courthouse sagged. People moved slowly, took their time about everything.

2.1.4. Meets a new friend Dill. New in the town. Was staying with his aunt for the summer.

2.1.5. Talks about the Radleys. Boo Radleys past. How the family becoame suddenly "hostile". Past events that led to Boo Radley becoming "mad" as everyone claimed.