Tesla Coffee Table Book

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Tesla Coffee Table Book by Mind Map: Tesla Coffee Table Book

1. Tesla Semi

1.1. How far will it og?

1.2. If it's fully autonomous, how many jobs could it displace?

1.3. How many solar panels could fit on a trailer?

1.4. What type of torque will it have?

2. Roadster

2.1. Based on Lotus

2.2. Original Price

2.3. Famous people that own them

3. Model X

3.1. Glass Roof

3.2. Storage Space

3.3. Falcon Wing Doors

3.4. Consumer Reports Rating

3.5. Price Comparsion to other SUVs

4. Model S

4.1. Maintenance vs Others

4.2. Gas Savings

4.3. MPG Equivalent

4.4. Battery Lifespan

4.5. Manufacturing Costs

4.6. Consumer Reports Rating

4.7. Interior Space Comparison

4.8. Fastest Production Car

4.9. Autopilot Self Driving

4.10. Hepa Filter

4.11. Torque

4.12. Launching Speed

4.13. How heavy is the battery?

4.14. Car safety due to rigidity of battery

4.15. Cost per kWh battery?

5. Energy

5.1. Solar Roof

5.1.1. Tile Types

5.1.2. Cost

5.1.3. Energy Generation

5.2. PowerWall

5.2.1. What do they cost per kWh?

5.2.2. How big are they?

5.2.3. How many need to go Off-Grid

5.2.4. How much can 1 power?

5.3. PowerPack (commercial)

5.3.1. Australia Battery Solution

5.3.2. Hawaii Battery Installation

5.3.3. Ta'u Island Powered by Solar

5.3.4. SoCal installation

5.3.5. SDGE Batteries

6. Boring

6.1. How many levels deep?

6.2. How long to build a tunnel?

6.3. How big would a tunnel be?

7. Gigafactory

7.1. Total output per year once running

7.2. Largest building in the world?

7.3. How many solar panels on top?

7.4. How many needed to power the whole world?

7.5. Will we run out of Lithium for batteries?

7.6. How many people work there?

7.7. Economic Impact

7.8. How many are planned?

7.9. How much Lithium do they need per year?

7.10. What other companies are making factories like this?

8. Questions

8.1. Which is the best electric car?

8.2. What is the best tesla car?

8.3. How fast is tesla?

8.4. How much money is tesla making per year?

8.5. How did tesla get so big?

8.6. Is tesla safer than a human?

8.7. Is tesla auto-pilot any good?

8.8. Why do people like Tesla cars?

8.9. What is the best Tesla Review?

8.10. Which is the best tesla commercial?

8.11. What does Tesla mean?

8.12. What is elon musk's net worth?

8.13. How big is Tesla?

8.14. How many cars does Tesla make per year?

8.15. How much does a tesla car cost?

8.16. How much does the Tesla Model X cost?

8.17. How much does the Tesla Model 3 cost?

8.18. What is tesla's range?

8.19. How rich is Elon Musk?

9. Model 3

9.1. How much wire is used in a model 3 compared to the Model S?

9.2. How many pre-orders did Tesla have prior to the first production car being made?

9.3. How do the batteries compare to others in the Model S?

9.4. What are the different pricing levels?

9.5. How does the success of this launch compare to the first iPhone?

10. Climate Impact

10.1. How many tonnes of CO2 does Tesla save each yer?

10.2. How much less CO2 enters the atmosphere of a Tesla compared to a similar gas car

10.3. How are batteries mined versus Oil extracted?

10.4. What are the world battery reserves for Lithium?