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My new mindmap By: Evymar Ortiz by Mind Map: My new
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My new mindmap By: Evymar Ortiz

biotic factors

the living things that shape an ecosystem

water polution

point source

Comes from a point such as sewer factory.

non-point source

Contamination done by fertilizers. pesticides.

limited factors

ecological succession

a fundamental concept in ecology refers to more an dless predictable composistion or structure of an ecological communityy

primary succession

occuring in an enviroment in which new substraight devoid of vegeitation and usually lacking soil such as a lava flow or area left from retreated galciers is deposited in other words it is the gradual growth of a ecosystem over a long period of time 

secondary succession

started by an event

limiting factors

something that can stop the population

New node

food web


a living creature or thing.


population a group of organisms of the same species inhabiting in a given area.


a group of poeple in an area


a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their enviroment.


biomes are climatically and geologically defined similar climatic conditions commu8nities of plants animals and organisms.


a surface where an organism lives

food chains

a community of organsims where each member is eatin and turned by another member.

a diagram showing the connection amoung everything that organisms in a location eat and are eatin by , a food web is more complex than a food chain showing more connections.


population growth

populastion icrease

black plague

disease that killed half of europes population and brought bi rats

industrial revolution

beginning of cars and factories became more popular.


when something can live or gorw in an area

logistive growth

biotic and abiotic

abiotic factors

nonliving chemicals and living factors in an enviroment


the degree of a variatation of life form in a given ecosystem

hot spot

volcanic regions



gives off energy to primaray consumer

primaray consumer

gives energy to secondary consumer

secondary consumer

gives off energy to the tertiary consumer

tertiary consumer

gives off energy to whatevers hunting it

trophic levels

an organism in the position it occupies in the food web

temperate deciduous forrest

like the woodland in pa

coniferous forrest

found in temperture regions of the worls with warm summers and cool winters and adequate rainfall to sustain a forrest


hot dry very little rain high tempertures and hot and dry


cold snowy weathers

freash water biome

large lakes and fresh water rivers

marine biome