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13512-GreatTapestry by Mind Map: 13512-GreatTapestry

1. deliverables, complete


1.1.1. SHEETS 107 (proposed PO layout) move PO view from 100 move notes from 100 100 VIEW / SCALE ROTATION SET OUT STEEL FRAMING SPLIT VIEWS - PO/MAIN 101 CHECK WITH RT - CAN WE GET SMALLER RISING PIE INTO A DECK TRIMMED HOLE? view scale/rotation 108 (PROPOSED) ROOF STEEL LAYOUT 102 view scale/rotation REMOVE PO AND PLACE ON ANOTHER SHEET (IF NEC.) 103 (proposed) new drawing for post office as marked 207 model updates - secondary steel where ancon has been superceded 201 create/add keplan

1.1.2. BILLING issue all via USQ (approval from RT) print pdfs from Revit export dwgs from revit print pdfs from dwgs 500 to 505 etransmit dwgs RT approval

1.2. Billing & Warrant, dated 12.07.2018

1.2.1. issue 201!

1.2.2. comments from P&P for action completes comments on service slappings from P&P (for info/action) dated Fri 06/07/2018 16:02 comments / sketch re balustrade from P&P (for info/action) dated Fri 29/06/2018 12:29 comments re billing drawings from P&P (for info/action) dated Fri 29/06/2018 09:33 A10 slab holes (for check/action), dated Fri 06/07/2018 10:32 billing comments from P&P (for action - check with R) dated Wed 04/07/2018 10:53 comments from P&P (for info/action) dated Tue 03/07/2018 16:35 comments from P&P (for info/action) dated Fri 29/06/2018 09:33

1.2.3. WARRANT issue take complete set of latest drawings in pdf format and add watermark WARRANT using ilovepdf

1.3. modelling for BILLING deliverable date 28.06.18

1.3.1. publish model to fileshare publish to fileshare pack 1 pack 2 publish to USSQ placeholders

1.3.2. modelling drainage update all dwgs for billing structure model updates from RT markups model updates model management details, stirling stone, update to suit [13512-180521_SS] details sheets/ views minor works actions from tapestry case updates communication

1.4. deliver stage d report

1.5. deliver latest Revit model to DT

1.5.1. 1. questions 1. can we publish drawings/ deliverables to fileshare

1.5.2. 2. revit model, actions 1. create detached from central version of revit model 2. purge model 3. save as 4. upload to project doc. management service

1.5.3. 3. deliver 1. via wetransfer

1.6. deliver drawings for stage d (costing)

1.6.1. 2. existing GA (12480) model 1. print complete check set 1. check server for archived revit model 2. print 2. archive original model 3. upgrade ex. model to 2017 (to allow views/notes to be transferred to new model) \\gae-us\WIP\12480\01-WIP\BIM 4. select views/ notes for inclusion in latest model

1.6.2. 1. model setup 1. create model 1. work sharing 2. name as per BS 1192:2007+A2:2016 2. integrate with tekla 3. acquire coordinates from arch. model 1. understand what P&P are doing wrt coordinates and topo 2. note: survey coords & north point 4. grid, structural 1. agree numbering with P&P & atelier10 2. agree primary column layout 2a. agree secondary steel layout 3. add grids shown on scrgrab, identify with colour 4. add grids shown on screebgrab, identify with green (...WIP GREEN) 5. agree & finalise structural column/framing grid layout 5. integrate with tekla after coordinate/ grid update 6. link A10 model 7. coordinate plan layout & levels with DT (P&P, A10) 8. move Lvl01 TOS up by 250mm 1. identify all framing members with Lvl01 as reference plane move level 9. roof steel, align with P&P struc. framing struc. cols 10. primary columns - perimeter - update TOS 1. renumber all grids 2. setup framing elevations on all primary steel roof members 3. update TOS wrt primary steel roof members on elev.

1.6.3. 4. modelling 2. modelling, substructure 2a. detail, substructure wall buildup based on sketch emailed to P&P 6. add note, tank within building footprint x. completes 3. rainscreen cladding, additional steel 1. rainscreen cladding, include product reference [arch information, preliminiary] 2. SFS, system noted and areas indicated (allowance on drawings) x. completes 4. first floor, update steel wrt 13512_170829_FF.UP 1. modelling, post tekla integration dated 9th Aug 10. remove column at north stair 11. glazed link 12. ground floor, model SFS 13. first floor, model SFS 5. braced bays, vertical 4. v.bracing, remodel, then make invisible (for tagging) x. completes 6. secondary steel 2. openings, horizontal framing above doors, Ground floor 3. openings, horizontal framing above doors, first floor x. completes 7. structural steel, link building x. completes 8. roofs 7. update roof steel tie rods to be SHS (size from RT) x. completes 9. sett gf FFL at 111.62m as per email 14. floors 1. floor, first, tag/annotate

1.6.4. 3. sheets, setup 1. sheets (+ views), listed 1. stage issue, confirm 2. check list of drawings produced so far 3. (800) PERFORMANCE SPECS, LOADINGS, specs. & codes drawing 4. (001) plan layout, foundation 5. (002) plan layout, ground floor slab 6. (100) plan layout, first floor steel layout 7. (101) plan layout, roof steel layout 8. plan layouts, showing locations of slappings in ex. post office 9. 3D views 10. schedules, create 11. legends 12. title sheet info, project 13. create structural connection tag 14. integrate latest tekla model 15. secondary steel 16. v. bracing layout ; check proposed layout against openings 17. support at base for curtain walling/SFS? 18. print set of elevations on architects walls 19. vis. graphs, published layouts; P&P model - columns off, wall hatch off

1.6.5. 6. action markups, 13512_170825_PO.UP

1.6.6. 12. action markups, 13512_170915_pack1

1.6.7. 8. details, sketch, to resolve tricky areas 1. strip found, interface at lift pit 2. slab edge/SFS/ substructure wall

1.6.8. 9. agreements required 1. FFL, ground floor 2. FFL, relative to Ordnance Datum (as used in point cloud survey) 3. internal wall layout, amendments requested to suit primary steel/column layout; linked email 1. sketch 2. email 3. next action to here 4. vertical bracing, bays available 5. date (approx.) when grids will be owned by P&P 6. date (approx.) when GA will take ownership of structural elements

1.6.9. 11. annotation, sheets 1. column, up to level (red) for legend

1.6.10. x. completes 10. print first floor drawing for RT 7. action markups 13512_170829_FF.UP 5. model management 1. reload latest P&P model dated 16/08/17 2. export to Tekla 3. export 4. latest tekla, integrate 5. P&P revit model, overlay latest 6. A10 revit model 7. utilties 8. grids, identify crit. grids and remove redundant

1.7. deliver updated model for Coordination [13512_171213_RevitCoord]

1.7.1. update gridlines to match P&P model pin gridlines that are finalised

1.7.2. realign columns with relocated gridlines

1.8. modelling for BW reissue

1.8.1. substructure update link building slab as per: https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1522104&Latest=true

1.8.2. drainage check drainage details https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1522092&Latest=true detail, provide constructional details on the surface water attenuation tank. see 13443-500 see 13047-505 text for copy/paste [from Stormbloc install. manual] remove right hand stormbloc inspect detail, provide additional details on the type and construction of man holes, including the hydrobrake. 13130 import hydrobrake cad view tidy hydrobrake cad view check for missing manhole types and insert from standard detail, provide constructional details on the proposed below ground filter drains. check P&P drawings for surface water drain layout detail, traps for floor gullies wade layout, floor gullies serving the plant rooms and bin stores should not connect into the surface water system. They should connect into the foul water system and be suitably trapped. add note to legend check and clarify 100% what popups and gullies are going into the ground floor slab layout, foul drainage branch serving the existing building should connect direct to a man hole. update dwg update externals drawings wrt conclusion from email, ref: https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1523177&Latest=true update surface drainage as per changes shown on P&P latest externals drawings. ref email: https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1523181&Latest=true add https://www.aco.co.uk/products/hexdrain-brickslot to the agreed locations on the drawinage plan. ref email: https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1523179&Latest=true update stronbloc depth to suit check unit depths available

1.8.3. deliverables, listed updated drainage drawings 500 C (DWG) 501 A (DWG) 506 - (REVIT) updated substruc. drawings 001 D (revit) 002 C (revit) 003 A (revit) MINOR WORKS 004 - (revit) 005 - (revit)

1.8.4. completions baseplates?? baseplate steel grade revisit 001 004 005 500 506 pl holders 004 005 506

1.8.5. create new minor works drawings print P&P set id. views required plan layouts sections details id. new drawing sheet numbers 004 005 (if required for details/notes) annotations to add note re. lowering ex. opening plan layouts section details new tags to create wider type name wall tag struc. framing type name tag struc. found type name tag beam system tag STRUC COLUMN TYPE NAME TAG

1.9. updates, markups & project admin, complete

1.9.1. updates from P&P markups dated 21st feb, 1500-1600 002 a. model slab edge upstand 002 1. RT redesign? 002 1. 002 2. DH to do note: 3No. Openings to be created in existing masonry wall for 28mm Ø water pipes with additional allowance for insulation 002 3. RT redesign 002 4. RT comment 002 5. DH cross check legend note v. 105 001 001, 1. RT redesign 001, 2. RT comment 001, 3. DH to do 001, 4. RT comment 001, 5. DH to do 001, 6. RT comment, DH to do 001, 7. DH to do 001, 8. DH to do 100 A. add steel for stone soffit support 1. voids 2. openings 3. beams 4. openings 5. openings 101 1. opening required 2. step purlins 3. feature roof 105 1. location 2. to 7. stone lintol 200 1. keyplan 2. grid 3. beam 4. level 5. level 201 1. upstand 205 1. level 206 1. level 209 1. guard rail 210 1. ancon 2. t-section 3. ancon 4. box & t-section C. posts heads D. ancons 211 1. opening 2. steel required 3. steel required 4. stone support 5. stone support 6. legible 212 1. stone support for soffit 2. t-section 2. split angles 4. level 3. support below 1st 213 1. channel 2. support below 1st 3. t-section 3. split ancons 4. stone support 5. angles 6. ancon clash 7. t-section 214 1. stone support 2. stone support 3. stone support 4. angles B. posts heads F. post offsets

1.9.2. updates from RT/DH markups dated 23/2/18 210 211 update box beams 212 213 214

1.9.3. project admin fileshare details project shortcuts download & save survey model test links project admin






1.11. building warrant issue, 19/10, 0930-1000

1.11.1. pass 1 modelling update members drawing list complete incomplete details update as required annotation check setting out update schedules update tags, elevations update elevations on 200 with indic. slab edge (as per 205) update details - 102

1.11.2. final markups COMPLETES 105, 1st Nov, 1545-1600 001, 01/11, 0930-0931 001, 1st Nov, 1241-1331 003, 01/11, 0933-0934 004, 01/11, 0934-0937 007, 01/11, 0937-1130 101, 1st Nov, 1345-1400 102, 1st Nov, 1445-1500 106, 1st Nov, 1600-1615 108, 1st Nov, 1610-1615 120, 1st Nov, 1626-1715 121, 1st Nov, 1645-1715 100, 1st Nov, 1240-1340 120 - tread & landing detail, 2nd Nov, 0800-0900 002, 2nd Nov, 0830-0845 121 - show treads & landings on all sections, 2nd Nov, 0900-1000 100, 2nd Nov, 1000-1100 touchdown with RT, 2nd Nov, 0915-0930 queries, 1st Nov, 1515-1530 100, loads 101 & bracing force classifications 006 007

1.11.3. queries, outstanding 100, loads 101 & bracing force classifications 006 007

1.11.4. for information drawing register for BW, for info, from RT email from DW, for info, stating stages of warrant

1.11.5. action markups, 12 Nov 13512-MKUPS181112, 12 Nov 13512-MKUPS181031, 12 Nov 002, gf slab, 12 Nov, 1532-1635 update joint layout, 12 Nov, 1532-1547 update details & schedule, 12 Nov, 1547-1557 markups + update spec. on detail, 12 Nov, 1557-1558 add calout for setting out slab thickening, 12 Nov, 1558-1613 007, bp layout, 12 Nov, 1635-1643 update as marked, 12 Nov, 1613-1618 action from note?, 12 Nov, 1618-1623 200, 12 Nov, 1644-1654 update tee hangers, 12 Nov, 1644-1654 205, 12 Nov, 1655-1702 add cont. design note, 12 Nov, 1655-1705 update tee hangers, 12 Nov, 1705-1710

1.11.6. action markups, 13 Nov 206, 13 Nov, 0900-0915 update tee hangers, 13 Nov, 0900-0910 207, 13 Nov, 0915-0921 add cont. design note, 13 Nov, 0910-0911 update tee hangers, 13 Nov, 0911-0921 208, 13 Nov, 0921-0931 add cont. design note, 13 Nov, 0921-0922 update tee hangers, 13 Nov, 0922-0932 001, founds, 13 Nov, 0931-0935 annotation update, 13 Nov, 0932-0933 detail move, 13 Nov, 0933-0934 004, minor works, 13 Nov, 0945-1007 add typical slab makeup detail, 13 Nov, 0945-1007 006, bp layout, 13 Nov, 1007-1050 update as marked, 13 Nov, 1010-1015 update baseplates to 500 sq, 13 Nov, 1015-1040 100, level 01, 13 Nov, 1050-1140 updates beam schedule, 13 Nov, 0954-1009 updates as marked, inc. table from 120, 13 Nov, 1009-1024 100, level 01, 13 Nov, ## questions & actions from markups, 13 Nov, 1024-1029 102, deck, 13 Nov, 1144-1146 note update, 13 Nov, 1144-1145 107, details, 13 Nov, 1146-1230 updatse as marked, 13 Nov, 1146-1230 check drawing numbers and update/save issue sheet, 13 Nov, 1230-1306 LIST ALL CHANGES made for BW drawings - publish to USQ, 14 Nov LIST ALL CHANGES made for BW drawings - publish to USQ, 13 Nov, 1306-1344 add & format grid change summary, 14 Nov H:\Temp (empty daily)\13512-GreatTap\20181024-GridUpdates

1.11.7. publish drawings, issue sheet and change summary, 16 Nov

1.11.8. issue drawings for BW, 19 Nov, 1300-1400 prep. drawings for BW issue, 19 Nov, 1300-1300 check issue date to go on title sheet & update, 19 Nov, 1300-1305 print pdfs + export dwgs + rename if nec., 19 Nov, 1305-1320 upload dwgs and record of changes to fileshare , 19 Nov, 1320-1335 upload model to fileshare, 19 Nov, 1335-1345

1.12. post building warrant issue

1.12.1. tasks moved to construction addenda

1.13. construction issue

1.13.1. lists carried forward to contruc. addenda

1.13.2. actions PRIORITIES tasks carried forward to Construc, Addenda NON CRIT. PATH substruc superstruc SHEET UPDATES, ANNOTATION GRIDS setting out legends clouds

1.14. stage 1 warrant updates

1.14.1. lists amendments as proposed by PP We have been updating our drawings for the Stage 1 Warrant in accordance with Ogilve’s comments on our Construction Issue drawings. We have removed the concrete kicker to details 2107 / 2108 and have reduced the lift pit walls, taking them to Ground Floor slab level on 2304. Our updated drawings 1050 / 2107 / 2108 /2109 / 2304 are attached which form the basis of the Stage 1 Warrant. Does anyone have any further comments on these? Andy / Chris – Are you happy if the Goodson’s drawings are updated to align with the comments above that the Stage 1 amendment to Warrant is submitted, baring in mind the proposed site start dates mentioned at the meeting last week. We can submit this by the end of the week if we can receive the information by midday Thursday. Goodson’s Drawings - lists converted to actions

1.14.2. actions title sheet updates Drawing 500 – Re issue as Stage 1 Warrant Drawing 501 – Re issue as Stage 1 Warrant Drawing 506 – Re issue as Stage 1 Warrant model updates Drawing 001 – Lift Pit walls to be updated as per PP drawing 2304. Lift Pit walls taken to GF slab level Drawing 002 – The lintels shown on drawing 002 and 004 (named 004 Ref Only as does not form part of Stage 1 Warrant) are not co-ordinated. The new opening is shown on the screenshot attached in yellow. The area with the blue circle we are blocking off. 004 drawing looks to have more information anyway in regard to the openings for the WC and Shop Store. Please update and re issue as Stage 1 Warrant. issue drawings USQ; ask lt fileshare; dh pdf upload + dwgs + issue sheets; notify teams

1.15. construction issue addenda

1.15.1. sheet specific items 001, resolve foundation level / mass concrete question, 8 May, 1904-1909 7, some post settings out to be updated, 8 May, 1254-1354 100, secondary steel setting out TBchecked v. P&P latest, 8 May, 1549-1604 103, deck edge setting out TBchecked v. P&P latest, 8 May, 1604-1634 104, steel layout to be checked against P&P latest, 8 May, 1634-1734 120 & 121, steel layout to be checked against P&P latest; cloud as Issued for Construction, 8 May, 1834-1904

1.15.2. AFTER CHECK WITH ENGINEER octagonal collar steel, realignment check SI for criteria driving trench fill depth below founds

1.15.3. AFTER PRIMARY STEEL COLUMN UPDATES create new roof steel elevations update pad foundation setting out (column locations have changed slightly)

1.15.4. substruc completes correct dodgy thickenings at lift pit update pad foundation setting out after pri steel col finalised ground floor slab falls in slab for plant r./kit. popup, check and agree setting out founds, link, update if required after discussiong email from SOL 01 Jul

1.15.5. roof coordination with PP purlin connections to steel frame

1.15.6. drainage follow up comms for updates email from RT re drain markup, 28 Jun actions coordinates & schedules

1.15.7. steel frame issue regarding duct passing through beam web, DC/A10 email, for info + action issue regarding duct passing through primary steel at level 01, DC/A10 email, for info + action baseplates, update (if required) as per RT email 3 Jul

1.15.8. superstructure update primary steel column setting out - as per P&P model realign grids to suit P&P wall lines realign cols (listed with SS grid references) markup on GAs potential impacts of primary column realignments update curtain walling & door jamb post setting out after check v. P&P

1.15.9. lists list, principle changes required to model after VE noted in P&P email dated 9 Apr list, other comments to be picked up as actions P&P

1.15.10. admin fix 'import rename pairs', (reprint numbered errors)

2. queries & notes (not actions) from DT, emails

2.1. P&P

2.1.1. ceilings

3. modelling

3.1. floors, suspended

3.1.1. records/ sketches [sk] A10 UFH, first floor [sk]

3.1.2. actions SSL, first floor, check against records

3.2. substruc.

3.2.1. lift pit records/ sketches [sk] P&P

3.3. steel

3.3.1. elevations ancon support lines model, updates with changes on attached SOL email

3.4. roof

3.4.1. ceilng hung from purlins, Thu 08/02/2018 17:09

4. supe.stee.

4.1. supe.stee.complete

4.1.1. supe. stee. seco. feature stair feature stair, tasks arising superstruc., concrete plinth to feature stair - P&P drawing; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1920237&Latest=true, 13 Jan 2020, 1107-1107 possible actions from RT email regarding precast stair; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1923046&Latest=true, 13 Jan 2020, 1107-1107 possible tasks - for discussion with RT & DT emails, relevant supe. stee. seco. feature stair - check clash & report back; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=2063484&Latest=true

4.1.2. supe. stee. updates 18Sep Detail, Steel, Door E2 Soffit Elevation gf soffit steel GTOS post detail supe.stee.update and issue details as per RT markup eml 21 Sep; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=2089635&Latest=true

4.2. supe.stee.dets. additional steel for stone ingoes

4.2.1. supe.stee. deliver additional details showing slots in SHS

4.2.2. supe.stee.update ingoes with slot for bolts

5. project admin

5.1. records

5.1.1. workshops stage D

5.1.2. comments, building control stage D

5.1.3. records/ sketches [sk] P&P details, draft [SK]

5.1.4. updates to revit model P&P, 20180309 https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1508362&Latest=true

5.1.5. contacts (not on USQ) David Scott BEng, CEng, MIStructE, MICE, MIES, Alexander Scott Design Ltd., Beechwood, The Green, Spittalfield, Perthshire PH1 4JT Tel: 01738 563231 mob: 07885 287672 email: [email protected]

5.2. meetings, minutes, DH version

5.2.1. 13512-Structural Coordination Meeting primary roof steel actions purlins, roof actions setting out, grids actions ground floor FFL actions cupola note gutters, roof edge actions tank (attenuation) actions bracing, vertical actions post office structures action: stair 1 actions: deliverables packages action: link building action: cladding action BiM agreements actions: trench cooling, first floor level actions: next meeting friday 8th, 10am

5.2.2. 13512-Bim Coordination Meeting deadlines warrant issue potentially beginning feb navis clash detection file uploaded to fileshare data drops: 12th & 19th Jan all areas check P&P details dated 24th november TODO: identify how civils layout drawing information will be shared with team TODO: use model compare tools ground floor TODO: secure hanging system reqquiring steel support note: sliding door replaced with smaller door note: slapping width increased in post office TO DO: update our floor SSL (should be 135 below FFL) TO DO: update floor first floor - update our floor SSL - add steel at door heads (rear elevation) - check for penetrations through PO 'timber' floor roof roof steel arrangement - TODO: adjust our gridlines to suit P&P TODO: remove mid beam at roof level TODO: update roof deck for link bridge (as per RT design) questions: lift spec. - on fileshare

5.2.3. 13512-BiM Coordination Meeting check foundations (latest) v. cable layouts ground floor layout door openings, check slappings (PO), update lift steel, update move column in RO.17 as per DW screengrab move big central (LHS) column into the kitchen update popup locations v. drainage layout first floor layout check slapping layout (PO) & update ours model & trim frequent vertical duct openings through floor model additional posts for casework support (P&P drg. 7711) additional support steel at window heads poster box steel for stone stopping starting (on elevation) ancon support for stone clarify fixings to SFS and check ground floor details coming from suzy check for additional load that would come from cases being fixed to SFS check and update roof steel as per clash detection report and esp. tie rods look at freestanding/self supporting stairs (mill owners institute) reminder: update steel arrangement at link externals ask David Coles for external civils layout in dwg issue pdfs full set to suzy

5.3. read stage D technical report

5.3.1. fileshare

5.3.2. \\gae-us\WIP\P13512\05-Incoming\P&P\20171013-StageDReport

5.3.3. print arch. outline spec.

5.3.4. print relevant m&e sections report p47 - 49 report p50 - 52

5.4. comments on GOO drawings, from DT

5.4.1. from P&P SOL comments on stage e: https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1747553&Latest=true SOL (PP) eml 30 May with comments & markup, https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1779642&Latest=true SOL (PP) eml 30 May, comments on deliverables, https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1779647&Latest=true

5.5. protocols, project, agreed

5.5.1. drawing recipients, listed construction issues [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Dear Lee, please publish and issue via USQ the drawings in folder link below. I've dropped the drawings onto fileshare Issue type: ? - dwgs and pdfs - to: {addresses as above} Status: ? \\gae-us\WIP\P13512\03-Published\?

5.5.2. conject how to guide (from Ogilvy), recd. 10 Jun

5.6. hopper / perim. steel comms dated 6 Jun (last email first)

5.6.1. "email from AP (Ogil) https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1782674&Latest=true"

5.6.2. "email from SI https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1782397&Latest=true"

5.6.3. "email from SOL https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1782396&Latest=true"

5.6.4. "email from RT https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1782367&Latest=true"

5.6.5. "email from SOL https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1782690&Latest=true"

6. admin

6.1. drawing issues as requested

6.1.1. RFI, CDM Scotland, dated Fri 29/06/2018 11:04

6.1.2. RFI, from CDM Scotland, CDM Coordinator, dated Fri 29/06/2018 11:02

7. tasks arising from steel fab drawings

7.1. Jim H email re PP steel comments https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1827126&Latest=true

7.2. check and update our steel v. PP comments https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1827133&Latest=true

7.3. rotate col. noted through 90 deg. as per emails

7.3.1. dh >; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1830728&Latest=true

7.3.2. rt >; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1831094&Latest=true

7.4. check remaining drawings; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1834875&Latest=true; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1834874&Latest=true

7.5. check ga16 on conject

7.6. steel layout, update wrt RT email; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1831941&Latest=true

7.7. superstructure, update wrt PP email dated 9th aug; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1823296&Latest=true

7.8. superstructure, roof - update / check steel fabs drawings & comments wrt rooflight; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1823292&Latest=true

7.9. drafting actions from DW email 13/8, stairs & rooflight; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1828058&Latest=true

7.10. check rooflight drawings (push on to PP); https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1830658&Latest=true

7.11. overlay & check hescotts latest ifc, emailed 19/8; https://unionsquare.goodsons.com/DMS/view_document.aspx?ID=1829723&Latest=true