I Am Malala

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I Am Malala by Mind Map: I Am Malala

1. Malala's Family

1.1. her father helped support her as an activist

1.2. Her father supporting her every step of the way

2. Public Recognition

2.1. Being in the vicinity of good doctors at the moment of being shot

2.2. Moving to Birmingham

3. Getting shot by the Taliban

3.1. Becoming a popular activist at a young age

3.2. A country at a weak state due to seismic activity,

3.3. open to attack and religious extremists have taken over

4. Being Muslim

4.1. The muslim religion is taken to extremes in her country

4.2. Her prayer life is vital her success because she believed that God assisted

5. Living in Pakistan

5.1. Rise of Fazlullah

5.2. Being privileged to have a good education in a developing country

6. Fighting for education rights

6.1. Being a girl in a country where women are suppressed and denied education

7. By Immanuel Vlachakis - 8th Grade