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Interoperability by Mind Map: Interoperability


1.1. Generalities

1.1.1. Overview

1.1.2. Tutorials FHIR-drills

1.2. Ressources

1.2.1. List Patient CapabilityStatement OperationDefinition

1.2.2. Profiling Search SIMPLIFIER Editor FORGE

1.2.3. Terminology ressources ValueSet CodeSystem LockedDate ConceptMap

1.3. Specifications

1.3.1. Search

1.3.2. Bundle types document message transaction transaction-response batch batch-response history searchset and collection

1.4. Operations

1.4.1. Parameters

1.5. Tools

1.5.1. Edit terminology-related FHIR Resources Snapper

1.6. Projects

1.6.1. Servers JS Asymmetrik .NET VONK FHIR .NET API Pyro Server Testing Publicly Available FHIR Servers for testing JAVA HAPI-FHIR

1.6.2. Clients JS Client-JS Fhir-Kit-Client FHIR

2. HL7