Cybernation- Discussion 1

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Cybernation- Discussion 1 by Mind Map: Cybernation- Discussion 1

1. Why?

2. To easily portray my thoughts in a non traditional way

3. The Power of a Mind to Map: Tony Buzan at TEDxSquareMile

3.1. The power of a mind map by Tony Buzan.

4. To expand my knowledge in creative presentation skills to create a more interesting appeal to my classmates

5. What

6. Creative Aspect

7. References

7.1. Dyer, J. (2009, December 27). Defining the Word “Technology” … Four Times. Retrieved September 09, 2017, from Don't Eat The Fruit

8. Technology to Me

8.1. Before enrolling in the Cybernation course, I would have defined technology as an object that helps to create life more efficient and effective. An example of said technology in our lives would be instant coffee machines, smart phones, laptops and digital alarm clocks, tools we use enhance our day to day lives.

8.1.1. Smart Phones

8.1.2. Coffee Machines

8.1.3. Digital Alarm Clock

8.1.4. Tablets

9. Definition of Technology after Module 1

9.1. According to Peter Thiel (2014), “Properly understood any new and better ways of doing things is technology”

9.1.1. This statement is broad but it clearly sets the boundaries to how far technology can be defined by words.

9.1.2. Technology is something that surrounds us day in and day out, something that impacts our daily lives even when it isn't aware to us.

9.1.3. In today's world technology is being created and innovated at such a fast pace that we have become unaware of its benefits offered to us as a user

9.2. According to John Dyer (2009), "Technology can be divided into four categories"

9.2.1. Technology as Hardware The internal component of technology, what enables the endless possibilities of our creative imagination. Also known as the "core" of all technology, without updated and innovative hardware technology would not be as know it today. Motherboards

9.2.2. Technology as Manufacturing The process as a whole, how the technology is created and what makes it function from a manufacturing standpoint. Machinery/Equipment

9.2.3. Technology as Methodology The method, skills, ideas and designs created to bring a piece of technology to life. How the hardware used is utilized to its maximum potential in the technology. Design

9.2.4. Technology as Social Usage Social usage is a large component of technology in today's society. It opens a gate way to social influence and the connection between all users. Social Connections

10. Technology Redefined

10.1. According to Kumar (1999) "Technology has two primary components"

10.1.1. Technology is a tool utilized by us to ease our lives, it is something that surrounds every aspect of our life. As I mentioned to a classmate a way technology can be utilized is through creativity, as you will see in my mind map technology has allowed us to learn in ways unimaginable.

10.1.2. These two primary components consist of a physical component and an informal component of learning. With every new innovation and invention created is a new way of completing a task, a new way of discovering and learning new technology

11. Creative Technology

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