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Hold by Mind Map: Hold

1. User has active Hold requests

1.1. On Home Page

1.1.1. Indicator on the Mail Hold button will appear showing how many active mail hold requests exist for the user

1.2. Start create new hold

1.2.1. Confirm profile details User already verified Enter information to set-up a new Mail Hold Open holds service fee

1.3. Update existing

1.3.1. Redirect to the History section Expand details (+) information will be displayed: • Name • Contact Number • Email Address Extended request Click update button Cancel Extend/Reduce the Mail Hold

2. no active Hold requests

2.1. On Home Page

2.1.1. user will be redirected to the Mail Hold splash page

3. Find and Link Hold

3.1. Link on Hold History page

3.1.1. Wrong number “Sorry, no Hold can be found which matches this Hold number and your user details. You may only find requests where you were the applicant.”

3.1.2. Wrong email

3.1.3. Valid number\wrong email

3.1.4. Wrong number\valid email

3.1.5. Valid number\email linked to other user Message: “This Hold is noted as belonging to another Username. You may have already updated this request when logged in using a different Username” Page with Hold description

4. History Page

4.1. Not dispayed

4.1.1. Requests which have been rejected by NZ Post

4.1.2. Requests which have not been paid for

4.1.3. Requests which have been cancelled by the Customer

4.1.4. Requests which have expired more than 12 months prior to system date

4.2. sorted by Start Date

4.3. active or current Holds listed first

4.4. Each record contain: Ref id, Address, From\To dates