Bot The Builder User Journey

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Bot The Builder User Journey by Mind Map: Bot The Builder User Journey

1. Admin Interface

1.1. Wants to try application

1.1.1. SignUp Button on Marketing Website Onboarding Simple SignUp Form

1.2. Wants to invite his team to application

1.2.1. Admin Navigation > Team Team Members View Team Member New Team Member: Invite by Email New team members: Import from.. Groups View Groups New Group

1.3. Wants to setup application for company's needs

1.3.1. Admin Navigation> App Settings Notification Settings Integration Settings Facebook Pages Internal Systems (coming soon..) Billing and Payment Settings Payment Method Plans and Pricing Payment History

1.4. Wants to setup general conversation settings according to company's marketing strategy / customer support rules

1.4.1. Admin Navigation > Conversation Settings Common Bot Routing Settings View/Change Existing Rules New Rule Common Automatic Answers View/Change Existing AA New AA Common Snippets View/Change Existing Snippet New Snippet

2. User:

2.1. Wants to try application by the request from his/her boss

2.1.1. Accepting invitation by Email Simple SignUp Form Connect Facebook Account

2.2. Wants to setup/view Chatbots

2.2.1. Main Navigation > Chats New Chat Button Chat Builder List of Chats Select a Chat Chat Histories

2.3. Wants to view chat histories and change/view audience segments

2.3.1. Main Navigation > Audience Chat Histories Search/Select Parameters Audience Overview Segments

2.4. Wants to create/edit reports

2.4.1. Main Navigation > Analytics General Overview Select parameters Users Dashboard Select parameters Messages Dashboard Select parameters Engagement Dashboard Select parameters

2.5. Wants to bring more traffic to chatbot

2.5.1. Main Navigation > Promotion List of campaigns View Results Campaign Broadcaster New Campaign

2.6. Wants to setup his/her profile and settings

2.6.1. User Account Menu Profile Settings Notifications Settings

3. Who Is

3.1. Marketing Manager

3.2. Customer Support Specialist

3.3. SM Manager

4. Goals

4.1. wants to convert audience to customers

4.2. wants to run marketing campaigns

4.3. wants to provide best customer support

5. Who Is

5.1. CEOs

5.2. Marketing Directors

5.3. Sales Directors

5.4. CTO

6. Goals:

6.1. Wants to simplify customer support workflow

6.2. Wants to increase performance of marketing team

6.3. Wants to increase sales rate

6.4. Wants to have crystal clear analytics and reports