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Alam by Mind Map: Alam

1. Relevant Facts

1.1. Made by Muhammad Taqi

1.2. Made in the early 18th century

1.3. Made with gilded brass and bronze

2. Inferences

2.1. Inference: Muhammad Taqi must have been rich

2.1.1. Evidence: During the 18th century bronze was a very expensive To have bronze during the 18th century you had to be rich and since Muhammad Taqi could afford bronze he had to be rich

2.2. Inference: This piece of art must have been really admired

2.2.1. Evidence:It was used in the ashura Explanation

2.3. Inference 3

2.3.1. Evidence Explanation

3. Civilization Inferences

4. s

5. The Ashura

5.1. Why Is Ashura Celebrated?

5.1.1. Ashura is celebrated because

5.2. What is Ashura?

5.2.1. Ashura is the tenth day of the Muharram in the islamic calendar