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Meeting Management

  • Prepare and distribute meeting agenda in a mind map
  • Check who has viewed the agenda
  • Extend your mind map with notes and links during the meeting
  • Check-off topics and assign tasks
  • Up-to-date protocol for annotation and approval by everyone
  • Review meetings as they happened with the "history view" feature

Improve Communication

Bring all your departments, global branches and suppliers to one meeting location. Keep everyone on the same page so nothing is ever overlooked.

Access anywhere

All web browsers and both Android or iOS devices are supported. There is no installation or plugins required. Benefit from the highest security standards & data encryption.

Share and Collaborate

Collaborate on your maps and see changes in real-time. High performance is maintained even with unlimited collaborators. Share mind maps openly and hassle-free.

What companies say

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I don't care much for technology and never thought it could improve my writing skills. But then I tried MindMeister and realized that I had been prejudiced.
Johannes Epple

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