Understand the impact of culture on the outcome of organizations

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Understand the impact of culture on the outcome of organizations por Mind Map: Understand the impact of culture on the outcome of organizations

1. Employee Empowerment

1.1. The employees are encouraged to make decisions on their own. However, these actions should be moral and inclined to help the customer. Southwest Airlines grants its employees trust and freedom to act under each criterion to develop decision-making skills.

2. Customer and Employee Oriented

2.1. According to Forbes, Southwest Airlines focus first on employees, then customers and lastly on shareholders: Customer: According to Herb Kelleher, "If we are inclined to our clients, every decision would be okay, if not, they would be bad." Thus, making them a customer-oriented culture. They have displayed their preoccupation by prioritizing their client's interests before everything. Employee: Southwest Airlines’ main strength is to its employees; all their organizational culture is focused on them; that's why they are so successful. The employees do not see themselves as a mesh but as an essential part of the enterprise. According to Herb, "The attitude of our employees is one of our biggest competitive advantages."

3. Sense of Identity

3.1. Southwest Airlines value their employees as individuals since they are empathetic towards them. The company gives its workforce the opportunity of expressing themselves freely by motivating them to implement their ideas without the fear of being discriminated against.

4. Transformational Leadership

4.1. The company has set a well defined and different strategy, which is known as the "Humanistic approach." They use a collaborative and inclusive system in which they believe that their main concerns should be to enhance their employees' motivations and satisfy their human needs.

5. Communication

5.1. Southwest Airlines have established their own rules, which have made them stand out from the rest. They solely focus on their employees' capacity to solve problems on their own. The company encourages its staff to reach a solution that benefits their customers as well as the company itself. Southwest Airlines promotes a more flexible authority instead of a hierarchical one. Another essential factor is that there is close communication between their employees and their bosses. Whenever there is a deficit or doubts, the bosses hold face to face meetings with their employees. The company never directly punishes its workforce, yet they advise them to do it better.