Sprint Retrospective JDIs

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Sprint Retrospective JDIs par Mind Map: Sprint Retrospective JDIs


1.1. Accepting Stuff in to the sprint that is not fit enough... not black and white but raise the bar.

1.2. Dropping new requirements into the sprint mid way through

1.3. Stop Being Protective of our projects (Silo that way be)

1.4. Stop being overly modest... think and talk in a positive manner.

1.5. Bringing tasks into the sprint that are unrealistic and are not going to be done.

1.6. Relying on verbally transmitted knowledge

1.7. Doing all the work without any input from the team

1.8. Archive

2. Continue

2.1. Pull Requests

2.1.1. Pull Requests are good but need improvement

2.2. Code Reviews

2.3. The way we are currently working - pretty good so far

2.4. Log our estimates

2.4.1. Track velocity

2.5. Improving capacity

2.6. Using the white board for for planning

2.7. Releasing Software regularly to our customers

2.8. Knowledge sharing

2.9. Backlog Scrubbing

2.10. Improving Time Tracking

2.11. Archive

3. Start

3.1. Engage with Business Owners (to drive requirements Maturization)

3.2. Talking to ONT regarding their project development and progress

3.3. Get a Schedule to tackle regular backlog scrubbing.

3.4. Ensuring any changes to the sprint are announced and approved by the scrum team

3.5. Countdown to Releases: Hard Deadline; Respect the Deadline

3.5.1. Feeding into Fady's Sprint

3.6. Publicize your findings

3.7. De-Stress

3.8. Set up Dev Env

3.9. Focus on the backlog Scrub Meetings

3.10. Tracking actual Vs Committed

3.11. Defining Tasks with Pass fail outcomes

3.12. Archive