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OLYMPIC CHARTER - Chapter 4 par Mind Map: OLYMPIC CHARTER -  Chapter 4

1. 27 Mission and role of the NOCs

1.1. The mission of the NOCs is to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement in their respective countries, in accordance with the Olympic Charter

1.1.1. The NOCs’ role is: -to promote the fundamental principles and values of Olympism in their countries -to ensure the observance of the Olympic Charter in their countries -to encourage the development of high performance sport as well as sport for all

1.1.2. The NOCs have the exclusive authority for the representation of their respective countries at the Olympic Games and at the regional, continental or world multi-sports competitions patronised by the IOC. In addition, each NOC is obliged to participate in the Games of the Olympiad by sending athletes

1.1.3. The NOCs have the exclusive authority to select and designate the city which may apply to organise Olympic Games in their respective countries

1.1.4. The CON they have the right to: -Designate, identify or refer to themselves as “National Olympic Committees” (“NOCs”), which designation or identification shall be included or referred to in their name -Send competitors, team officials and other team personnel to the Olympic Games in compliance with the Olympic Charter -benefit from the assistance of Olympic Solidarity

2. 28 Composition of the NOCs

2.1. Whatever their composition, NOCs must include:

2.1.1. -All national federations affiliated to the IFs governing sports included in the programme of the Olympic Games or their representatives

2.2. The NOCs may include as members:

2.2.1. National federations affiliated to IFs recognised by the IOC, the sports of which are not included in the programme of the Olympic Games

3. 29 The national federations

3.1. To be recognised by an NOC and accepted as a member of such NOC, a national federation must exercise a specific, real and on-going sports activity, be affiliated to an IF recognised by the IOC and be governed by and comply in all aspects with both the Olympic Charter and the rules of its IF.

4. 30 Country and name of an NOC

4.1. In the Olympic Charter, the expression “country” means an independent State recognised by the international community

4.2. The name of an NOC must reflect the territorial extent and tradition of its country and shall be subject to the approval of the IOC Executive Board.

5. 31 Flag, emblem and anthem of an NOC

5.1. The flag, the emblem and the anthem adopted by an NOC for use in relation to its activities, including the Olympic Games, shall be subject to the approval of the IOC Executive Board

6. Bye-law to Rules 27 and 28 - Page 63-66