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1. Work

1.1. I'm working for an US based International Pharmaceutical Industry, where my primary job is to drive, design, and control clinical development of an new drugs for marketing approval.

1.2. Prior to current job, my career starts with drug discovery research followed by a spinning out to launch a small biotech where I worked as startup board.

1.3. In future, I'd like to drive own company as general manager to provide qualified goods and services to meet unmet needs of people.

2. Education

2.1. Master in Chemistry in Japan, Master in Regulatory science at JHU.

2.2. Struggling to receive master in Business herein JHU

3. Places I've Lived

3.1. Living in Yokohama nearby my wife's hometown

3.2. Short stayed in North Chicago to work for HQ office of current job.

3.3. I born in Tokyo Japan and have lived here so far other than short stay in U.S. To note, I visited US relatively many times for business.

4. Hobbies

4.1. Recent hobby is weekly Body-Combat exercise.

4.2. However, most time is spent to my household chores and working for my kid out from >12 hrs/day working hours.