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Brainstorming & Ideation.

Still searching for that next big idea? Brainstorming, alone or with your team, can help you get ideas flowing and expand on important topics. Use these MindMeister templates to discover the best brainstorming techniques, ideate collaboratively and get your thoughts on the page.


SCAMPER is a brainstorming method that inspires teams to approach problems from new perspectives. Use this template to find innovative solutions.

How Might We

Three words that spark innovation: How Might We. Use this collaborative template to boost creativity and reframe problems as opportunities.

5 Whys Technique

The Five Whys help you explore cause and effect when investigating a problem. This template can structure your team’s next Five-Whys assessment.

Reverse brainstorm

Ideation issues? Reverse the problem and find solutions easily. This template can guide your team through the reverse brainstorming process.


Give team members time to think ideas through before sharing them. Use this template to boost group participation and stimulate new ideas.

Six Thinking Hats

Conflict can stand in the way of progress. Encourage your team to use empathy, intuition, creativity and analytical thinking to reach decisions.

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