New & Improved: Exporting Mind Maps to PDF

PDF Improvements in MindMeister

Exporting your mind maps to PDF is a great way to transfer all of their content, including notes and links, into a format that is compact and can be opened and read by virtually anyone. Our popular mind map PDF export just got an overhaul which we think you will really enjoy. Here’s an overview of what’s new:.. Continue Reading

8 Lesson Ideas to Promote Lifelong Learning


A little while ago, the European Parliament recommended a list of 8 key competences which they believe all educational institutions should provide their students with. These key competences consist of knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are central to the development of well-rounded children, young people and eventually adults. It’s hoped that this cross-curricular approach, known.. Continue Reading

Content Planning Made Simple (Guide)


This is a guest post by Jasmine Powers. Jasmine is the founder and CMO of J Powers Marketing & Publicity, a full-service event marketing agency for business and career consultants, workshop facilitators and trainers. Find her on Twitter @jasminepowers. Creating content on an ongoing basis can be a daunting task, and doesn’t go well if completed.. Continue Reading

New: Import Theme from Map

Import theme from map

Customizing the theme of your mind map is simple, fun, and doesn’t take a lot of time. Using the Customize Map Theme dialog you can easily change the colors and shapes used for topics and lines, ensuring that your map is unique, memorable and beautiful. However, doing the same thing over and over again is.. Continue Reading

Ideas Worth Spreading: How to Mind Map a TED Talk

Ideas Worth Spreading: How to Mind Map a TED Talk

With TED talks booming in popularity, it can be hard to catch a ticket before they sell out. TEDx enthusiasts who miss out will often want to hear about the talks as soon as possible: live mind mapping fills this gap by sharing the talks with those unable to attend, in real time, or straight after… Continue Reading