How to Create High-Value Blog Content With MindMeister And Your Kindle

Kindle and MindMeister Featured Images

With so many blogs out there competing for thought leadership, it can be hard to create one that stands out. By using MindMeister and your Kindle or a similar e-book reader, you can put together high-value, science-based content that’s sure to be heard through the web noise. It all starts with finding the relevant sources you.. Continue Reading

Some Long Deserved Microsoft Love <3

Microsoft Updates

Being fully cloud-based, Microsoft Office 365 is a fantastic match for MindMeister’s web app, and it was high time we started utilizing this great product suite a little more. Today we’re sharing three Microsoft-related updates with you—the first of many to come. 365 Login In addition to Google, Facebook and co you can now sign up and.. Continue Reading

Problem Solving With Mind Maps

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“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.” – Albert Einstein Einstein nailed the definition of problem solving: we need to understand the problem before we can find its solution, which may be the simplest idea that connects all dots. Problems.. Continue Reading

Mind Mapping for Research Teams

Science Lab

“At first his dreams were chaotic; then in a short while they became dialectic in nature.” – Jorge Luis Borges, from The Circular Ruins Dialectics is an important consequence in our human brain’s evolution. You must have noticed that our ideas and decisions are never the result of one single thought. We tend to think various lines of.. Continue Reading

MindMeister 6.5 for iOS Is Out Now!

MindMeister and MeisterTask Split Screen on iPad

Good news for our lovely iOS users: MindMeister 6.5 just hit the App Store and brings lots of cool new features and improvements to our mobile mind mapping app. Here’s a quick overview of what awaits you: iOS 9 Compatibility If you haven’t upgraded your device to iOS 9, now’s a good time to do it!.. Continue Reading