10 EdTech Tools Educators Should Use to Engage Students in Studying

10 EdTech Tools Featured

With all tools and innovations implemented into the educational process, students’ attention seems to be following a retrograding trend. Today’s students are not very inspired to learn from textbooks; they are solely motivated by visual content, presentations, educational games, and other strategies that bring some fun into the classroom. The good news is that teachers.. Continue Reading

3 New Features for MindMeister

MindMeister 3 new features in June

Summer has come to the beautiful city of Vienna, home to a big part of the MindMeister team, and the temperatures are going up, up, up. Luckily, a powerful AC and a never-ending supply of iced coffee are keeping us both cool and productive. In fact, our developers have been quite busy over the the past few months,.. Continue Reading

How to Teach Essay Writing: Tools for Educators


Are you one of those teachers who try to resist the influence technology has on modern education? That’s a recipe for disaster. Today’s generation of students is practically dependent on technology. If you use that to your advantage, you can become a much more productive teacher, especially when it comes to encouraging the love for.. Continue Reading

MindMeister for Android 3.3.1 is Out!

MindMeister for Android 3.3.1 Update

If you’re using MindMeister’s free mobile app on your Android device, then today is a good day for you: The new version brings a number of awesome features, bug fixes and improvements to your phones and tablets that are definitely worth an update. Take a look at what’s new in 3.3.1: New Map Layouts Finally, the.. Continue Reading

Good Bye, Offline Mode

Offline mode

Parting with an old friend is never easy, but sometimes we have to let go of something old to make space for something new. Today, we’re saying ‘good bye’ to MindMeister’s Offline Mode, which was first introduced in November 2007 as a way for our web app users to access and edit mind maps without an internet connection… Continue Reading