Create Stunning Presentations in Under 3 Minutes!

Anyone who’s ever given a presentation in front of an audience knows about the importance of visual aids. When you present information both visually and orally at the same time, it is easier for your audience to comprehend and retain it. The visual outline of your speech both complements and reinforces your statements and focuses.. Continue Reading

Introducing WunderKind (Alpha)


Many of you know and love MindMeister’s Wunder features which enable you to automatically add related links (WunderLink), notes (WunderNote), images (WunderBild) or even tasks (WunderTask) to your topics. Today we are excited to show you a very early alpha release of yet another member to our WunderFeature family: WunderKind.  WunderKind automatically searches the Internet.. Continue Reading

Join the MindMeister Ambassador Program!


Today we’re happy to introduce the new MindMeister Ambassador program, which was designed to connect our friends in the mind mapping community with people looking for assistance, as well as reward them for spreading the MindMeister love. Here’s how it works If you’re a mind mapping trainer, a visual thinking or productivity consultant, or just an.. Continue Reading

When Lightning Strikes…


Yesterday at 4:30 am CEST MindMeister went unexpectedly down. The reason for this was a power outage caused by lightning, which had struck our server center in Germany and caused a cable fire in the building. We do use two separate UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), but as bad luck would have it, both of them were affected.. Continue Reading

Tip: Prepare Customized Themes for All Occasions


As a MindMeister user, you have a neat selection of prefabricated map themes to choose from whenever you create a new mind map. But even though they cover a wide range of styles, there might be times when none of them fits your needs perfectly. This is why we made sure that you can customize.. Continue Reading