Add Videos to Your Mind Maps!


After the recently added Drawn Image feature we’re expanding MindMeister’s media repertoire yet again, this time proudly introducing videos for your mind maps! Videos can be added directly from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and are playable not just in the map editor but also in Presentation Mode, a great enhancement for slideshows of all kinds… Continue Reading

How I Got Through University With MindMeister

Name: Andy O. Age: 27 Nationality: American Occupation: English Major MindMeister account: Edu Pro MindMeister user since: 2010 “Getting your masters in English studies requires A LOT of reading, writing and memorizing, as this is a subject that focuses – mostly – on knowledge rather than comprehension, and language skills rather than logical thinking. The.. Continue Reading

How to Get More Out of Your Public Map Channel

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.44.43

Every MindMeister user has their own public map channel, accessible from their dashboard.  When you publish a mind map to the web, this map is added to your channel.  Besides a collection of all your public maps, it also lists those of other users you’ve liked in the past. If a person stumbles onto one.. Continue Reading

ChatWork Uses MindMeister to Dramatically Decrease Meeting Time


This post is a reprinted translation of an article found on, a website managed by Japanese MindMeister Ambassador Yuki Kawazoe.  Share and edit your meeting minutes with MindMeister and see your meeting time decrease dramatically an interview with ChatWork Co., Ltd.   ChatWork Co., Ltd. is the provider of a cloud-based business chat tool.. Continue Reading

New Android Update Out Now!


Great news for our Android users: The newest version of our mobile app is now available and ready to be downloaded from the Google Play store! Here’s a quick overview of what’s new: New user interface  The entire UI has been overhauled in the fresh “flat” look of the MindMeister website and functions have been.. Continue Reading