Say Hello to Achievements & Drawn Images


Achievements Achievements are a new way for you to see how many of MindMeister’s most important features you’ve already discovered and how accomplished a mind mapper you are.  In your My Account section you will find a new page with an overview of all achievements available – those you’ve already unlocked will show a little.. Continue Reading

Planning Projects with MindMeister


Brainstorm your idea in MindMeister: Open a blank mind map in MindMeister and write your idea in the root topic. Add 3 to 6 first-level topics with significant keywords. Explore the details of your idea by adding child topics. Let your thoughts flow freely and don’t censor your ideas. Don’t interrupt your brainstorming until you’re.. Continue Reading

Scheduled Downtime 07-29-14


Please note that due to a number of important database upgrades MindMeister will be down tomorrow, 29th July 2014, from 05:00 to 05:15 a.m. UTC.  We’re constantly working on improving MindMeister for you, not just its UI and features, but also its technology and security in the back-end, which is less visible, but just as.. Continue Reading

Become a Better Mapper With Our New MindMeister Academy!


Today we’re proud to introduce our brand new MindMeister Academy to you. The Academy is a place were both online and paper mappers, newbies and old hands, MindMeister users and nonusers can train to become better mind mappers. The Academy will teach you how to create, read and effectively work with mind maps; you will.. Continue Reading

MindMeister for Glass™


Today we’re excited to introduce to you MindMeister for Glass™, another awesome integration of your favorite mind mapping tool with one of Google’s products. MindMeister for Glass enables you to send a Geistesblitz note to your default map via voice command – almost like the MindMeister Thought Extractor, except that this time it’s not an.. Continue Reading