Mind Mapping Innovation: You Have Decided!


A few weeks ago we introduced you to three ideas that could potentially change the future of mind mapping and asked you to vote for the one you would find the most useful. After counting all votes, we are excited to report that a clear majority of 74% want to see the following idea come true: An app.. Continue Reading

Say Hello to a New Level of Collaboration

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One of the greatest things about MindMeister is its collaboration engine, which lets you brainstorm with others in real-time. You can quickly invite your whole team to a mind map, explain the goal of the exercise, and watch while everyone adds their own ideas on the canvas. This is collaboration on a mind map level… Continue Reading

4 Tools We Are Thankful for This Year

In our last Thanksgiving article we already introduced you to six tools we are extremely thankful for. We’re still using all of them, but there are four new tools we’ve started using this year, and we wanted to make sure you know about them too:   1. Mustr We use Mustr in our Marketing and.. Continue Reading

6 Tips to Improve Your Creativity


Who doesn’t know the feeling: You need to come up with a great idea, solve a finicky problem or create an inspired design, but your creativity seems to have gone on vacation – without you. Everyone faces this problem at some point, which is why we’ve put together a list of six simple ways that.. Continue Reading

Mind Mapping Innovation: Cast Your Vote Now!


At the last Biggerplate Unplugged event in Berlin our Marketing Manager Raphaela talked about the future of mind mapping and introduced a number of possible innovations it may hold (you can take a look at the presentation here). For three of the ideas we received particularly great feedback, and, personally, we think they’re all super.. Continue Reading