Take Better Notes in Class Using a Mind Map

Taking Notes in Class with MindMeister

First of all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to note taking. The most important thing is that whichever system you’re using works for you. So, if you’ve found the perfect system for your needs – Kudos! Most students, however, adopt a certain note taking system early on and then stick to it.. Continue Reading

The Teacher’s How-To Guide to Group Mind Mapping

Group work with mind maps

How to keep students engaged and productive within group activities is a never ending challenge for even the best teacher. Ok, it looks like we stated the obvious, but what is the solution? Mind mapping. Mind what? Mind mapping. An easy to learn online tool that builds effective structuring right along with students hand-on participation.. Continue Reading

Introducing MindMeister Mind Maps for Confluence

MindMeister for Confluence

At MeisterLabs we use mind maps for a hundred different things, from taking meeting minutes to project planning to voting on which board games we should buy for our monthly game nights. As power mappers we also know how quickly great ideas can be forgotten if they’re buried in an unused map somewhere deep down in our folder structure… Continue Reading

Why Mind Mapping?

Hand-drawn mind map

“The soul never thinks without a mental image.” Aristotle Mind mapping—what is it and why should I use it? What makes this technique so special and what are its benefits? If you’re thinking about trying out the mind mapping technique but aren’t sure what all the fuss is actually about, this article is for you. What.. Continue Reading